...I became the athletic director in ’93--and in that year the baseball team won the national championship, so that was great timing. And Coach Tom Frizzell was the coach at that time, and that had to be the biggest highlight of my athletic director’s career. And from ’93 until my last days as the athletic director, we won regional championships, New England championships, and the baseball team actually went to the national championship again in 1995.

Nick Palantzas

Vice President, Canton Campus

Participant:  Nick Palantzas

Interviewer:  Jennifer Rudolph

Date of Interview:  September 24, 2014

Location of Interview:  Brockton, MA

Project:  Massasoit Community College Oral History Project

Department:  Massasoit Library ARCHIVE

Length of Interview:   55 min

Description: Nick Palantzas's discusses his education as a Massasoit alumnus and his 33+ years at Massasoit in the Athletic Department and as Vice President of the Canton campus.