"Well, I think that we’re probably one of the major resources not only for educational services but also for training and for a lot of cultural events. If you asked me this question in 1978, I would have said that we were the best kept secret—I don’t think we are anymore, although I hear that. I think people do know that we’re out there; we’re there to provide services; we’re there to be a resource for the community. So I think that our outreach has really been much more effective recently than it was many years ago."

Barbara Finkelstein

Senior Vice President / VP Faculty & Instruction

Participant:  Barbara Finkelstein

Interviewer:  Jennifer Rudolph

Date of Interview: October 24, 2013

Location of Interview:  Brockton, MA

Time Period Discussed:  1950s - 2013

Project:  Massasoit Community College Oral History Project

Department:  Massasoit Library ARCHIVE

Length of Interview:   39:17 minutes

Description: Finkelstein discusses early education and the start of her career teaching history at Massasoit in 1978 and her tenure at Massasoit as both a faculty member, administrator, and dean.