Estelle Adler

"The Gateway to College National is a national program that’s in twenty-something states and forty-something colleges across the country. And these kids have an alma mater; they have a home; they have other kids that are just like them. And this isn’t about being a dropout; this is about picking yourself up and figuring out what learning environment works for you and completing that and going on and doing what you have to do for yourself."

Christina Alves

Director, Gateway to College

Participant:  Christina Alves

Interviewer:  Jennifer Rudolph

Date of Interview:  July 31, 2014

Location of Interview:  Brockton, MA

Project:  Massasoit Community College Oral History Project

Department:  Massasoit Library ARCHIVE

Length of Interview:   1 h, 45 min

Description: Christina Alves' early life, including education, attendance at Massasoit, and career at Massasoit through 2014.