"I’m a big believer in teams, whether you’re on the field or in the workforce, and I use that as a strategy today. I have teams and it’s teaching people and giving people the tools and the flexibility to work together for a common goal...It also taught me to rely on other people. Not having to do everything myself, especially in baseball. I mean, I was a pitcher so you pitched the ball. You cannot control what the short stop does when he hits the ball, but I have to rely on that person to be successful. And I’ve used that same philosophy as I lead a division, I can’t do it all. I need very good people who work for me."

William Mitchell 

Vice President of Administration and CFO / Alumnus 


Participant:  William Mitchell

Interviewer:  Jennifer Rudolph

Date of Interview:  December 15, 2014

Location of Interview:  Brockton, MA

Time Period Discussed:  1980 through 2014

Project:  Massasoit Community College Oral History Project

Department:  Massasoit Library ARCHIVE

Length of Interview:   54 minutes

Description: William (Bill) Mitchell discusses his history as a professional baseball player, a student at Massasoit, a coach, and working as an administrator in a higher education institution, including his tenure at Massasoit Community College.